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This is what happens when I get bored.

1 January
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I'm the peerless-paramount-praiseworthy-procrastinator.
The splendiferous-superlative-sensational-slacker, if you will.
Bow to me, as I put off task after task, then get me coke and coffee as I rush to get it all done. Or point and laugh, that works too.

Story Time
There once was a girl named LiL, which was fitting because she was very small. She currently lives in the city, misses her three kitties very much, and is seriously considering a username change because this one is quite lame.

Brushe Credit
quebelly, milk, crushedviolet, cosmo_mouse, kryssibug, goth_clark, a_fallenstar, wednesday_icons, calixa, petitevicious, dactyliotheca, hecatesknickers, spiralling

Bill Brauer [The Scarlet Dancer] @ artist_names
Flosset @ neopet_claims
Love Actually; Island of the Blue Dolphins [S. O'Dell] @ moviebook_claim
Hermione's bookbag; Hermione's 'light reading' @ hp_claims
Most Potente Potions; Neville's cauldron @ hp_claims

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