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Jul. 8th, 2010

Why am I apparently incapable of getting my shit together?

At least I finally did the dishes. Not that there was much of anything there, but I was running low on mugs.

There's still tons to do. I've moved the major stuff around, but the little things are still everywhere. Papers, boxes, books, games, posters, etc. Right now I just want to make it look like someone still lives here. I also need to finish cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. Garbage goes out tomorrow, recycling next week. It seems to be piling up.

There's a bunch of stuff I want to do. I'd like to make cookies. I'd like to set up my xbox. I always end up sitting on the couch watching the news though.

I know I SHOULD get out and do stuff, be social, but I have NO desire to that whatsoever. People have been annoying me beyond belief lately, to the point where I'm absolutely dreading work right now. I try to accept everyone's personality, realize that it's just how they are, and move on. It seems impossible though.

Soooo I need a game plan or something. I'll do what I always do, make a list. This list, however, will be put on my coffee table and followed to some degree.


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